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Registration for the new academic year 2023-2024 begins
The 2023-2024 session will begin on 2nd September 2023, lasting for 32 weeks of courses.
All classes are to be held in-person in the morning from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.
The discounted prices on tuition fees(except the exam class fees) for this coming session will be £230. Parents can begin paying from early May at this rate until 10thJune, with registration after then costing an additional £30.
New studentsstudents must be over five years old to enrol, please follow the link below to enter a new student's details and to do the payment online: Registration form
Yours sincerely,
The Glasgow Chinese School management team
We are pleased to inform you that we will be accepting new students in the 2022-2023 semester, where students will start the new session on 3rd September 2022 for 32 weeks of courses. Students must be over six years old to enrol as the division of classes is mainly based on the age of students and their level of Chinese.
New students, please follow the link below to enter a new student's details and to do the payment online.
Registration form
Yours sincerely,
The Glasgow Chinese School management team
However, as early as a month ago, many parents asked about registration in the new school year. We thank our parents for their support and trust in our school. We wish you and your family a safe and healthy life in the face of the pandemic.
With the end of the current school year approaching, registration for the new school year is near. As of last year, the Chinese School has switched to online learning due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Teachers have done their best to overcome various difficulties in order to ensure that students do not miss a lesson, while still receiving quality education. We all look forward to resuming in-person classes at campus once the pandemic eases, under the guidance of the government, and everyone's safety of is guaranteed.
Below, I have included a brief summary of all the classes the school will offer in the new academic year. Students in grade one must be over six years old in order to enrol. The division of classes is mainly based on the age of students and their level of Chinese.
As always, our school will continue to offer:
● Mandarin classes
● Cantonese classes
● CSOL classes (suitable for people whose first language is not Chinese) in the new academic year.
The examination classes we are currently offering are:
● SQA National 5
● SQA Higher
● SQA Advanced Higher.
● Edexcel GCSE
● Edexcel A level
● HSK (the Chinese government administered Chinese Proficiency Test)
The examination classes start from Grade 7 so students from grade 1 to grade 6 may fully enjoy learning the language and culture.
If we are permitted to return to campus, extracurricular clubs will resume on Saturday afternoons such as:
● Dance
● Badminton
● Table tennis
● Traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy
● Children's art classes
● Origami
● Paper cutting
Glasgow Chinese School is committed to the principle of running a school for public welfare and providing an education on Chinese culture for everyone. In 2018, our school won the honour of "Model School of Overseas Chinese Education", awarded by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. Next year, our school will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We hope we can get parents and students alike to celebrate the achievements of our school. We would not have accomplished this without each and everyone of you.
We look forward to seeing you.
Glasgow Chinese School
Dear Parents
As of late, the Scottish government has been adjusting its policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This week the Chinese school administration team received the new prevention plans and adjustments proposed by the Scottish government to the college: A) Reduce the school's opening times B) Only 200 students at a time may be in the school building (this does not include faculty members and staff) C) Class sizes are limited to 6, 8 or a maximum of 12 students (in accordance with the size of the classroom).
Due to a large number of students in our school, it is impossible for it to soundly comply with the policies outlined above. Therefore, to ensure everyone's safety, Chinese school has decided to abandon the original plan to return to the college on 19/9, and instead continue with online classes. This has caused many inconveniences, so we ask of you to please understand and co-operate with us.
We understand some parents or students may be unsatisfied with online teaching. Thus, the school has two options to offer: A) Students may request in writing for the school to keep their place as a student of Chinese school. After the epidemic, they can then apply to return to their normal class. However, this means that you will not be refunded the fees you paid for this academic year. B) Students can apply for their tuition fees to be refunded. Students must provide a written description of their name, class, and reason they want a refund as well as attach their payment receipt (receipt must be provided), and then send a photo of this to their teacher or school management team. The school's accountant will then be in charge of the refunding process. However, after being refunded you may not be guaranteed a place at Chinese school upon returning due to the number of vacant student places being reduced.
We hope you and your family remain safe and healthy during these uncertain times.
Yours sincerely,
The Glasgow Chinese School management team
Cantonese classes are still accepting new student registrations. If you have any questions or would like to register, please email for further information. We will be happy to help.
Cantonese classes are divided into classes from Year 1 to Year 10 (including National 5, SQA HIGHER and SQA ADVANCE HIGHER), Bilingual classes and Children's conversation classes.
Bilingual classes : The main purpose of the bilingual teaching class is to allow children from Cantonese background families to learn Mandarin. Senior class students, graduates and parents are welcome to participate. The course is based on learning Chinese Pinyin, with emphasis on conversation and listening. The course uses Cantonese to teach Mandarin to ensure practicality, so that students can communicate in Mandarin flexibly and confidently.
Children's conversation classes are suitable for students aged 5-14 (in groups). Learning focus: Speaking, reading, and recognising words to improve children's conversational skills. The textbooks are selected by the teacher and Cantonese is taught through storytelling, watching videos, and playing games. Let children learn Chinese gently and easily. *No exam/ test
Important notice update:
Dear Students and Parents,
Hope you are all keeping well.
The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is easing in Scotland and the Scottish Government has announced that all schools will be reopened after the summer holidays on 11th August 2020. However, the threat of the virus remains high with great potential for a second wave of infection.
To ensure the health and safety of our students, we will introduce online teaching to resume classes for the existing year groups in the Mandarin Department and CSOL Department (apart from Higher and Advanced Higher classes). The first classes will commence on Saturday 15th August 2020 at 10:15 am. The classes will continue the unfinished courses from the previous semester.
The Cantonese classes, Higher and Advance Higher classes will resume on Saturday 5th September 2020 at 10:15 am.
It is with great sadness that we are unable to enrol new students in the current circumstances. We will provide further update should this position change.
We continue to review the possibility of physically reopening the School and will provide further update on this in due course.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time.
Glasgow Chinese school Administration Office 22.07.2020
Important notice:
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak globally and following the NHS and Government guidance to avoid congregating in large groups, the Glasgow Chinese School have decided to remain closed until end of this semester. The school management team will continue to monitor the position in compliance with Government guidance with view to reopen in the new semester on 5 September.
We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Glasgow Chinese school Administration Office 27.02.2020
Important notice:
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Glasgow Chinese School has decided that all lessons will be cancelled and the school building will be shut for three weeks ( 25/1,1/2 & 8/2 ) until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have caused.
Glasgow Chinese school
Administration Office 23.01.2020
We are the Glasgow Chinese School,would like to show our appreciation for a generous donation from an alumnus.We are grateful for your support.
The new session of After School Activities are starting on 5th October 2019 (10 sessions). All activities are held in Glasgow Chinese School from 1:45 to 3:15 pm. Please select the activities you are interested in and hand in the registration form to the school office.
Download the application form>>
New for 2019"Cantonese Speaking class"
Suitable for 5-14 year olds Aim: To improve Cantonese speaking and reading skills, and to recognise Chinese characters Classes taught in small groups based on story-telling, playing games and watching videos, allowing children to learn in a relaxed manner.
*No tests or exams at the end of the year
Limited places available
2nd May
2019-2020 New Term Registration
Enrolment date for 2019/2020: 4th May, 11th May, 18th May & 1st June, from 10:30 to 13:00 at the Admin Office. For a full list of fees charged for different classes, please see the enrolment form. Extra administration fee £20 will be added if you enrol in September onwards.
25th May: public holiday
1st June: Prize-giving ceremony for junior Mandarin classes (class 1, 1/2, 2).
* Morning classes: 10:30 - 12:00 Afternoon classes: 13:30 - 15:00 Venue: Glasgow Kelvin College, Room 200
8th June is Chinese School Graduation (CSOL + Cantonese + Mandarin (classes 3 and above)
Time: 10:30-12:00 at Woodside Hall.
CSOL & Adult Mandarin Class
Mandarin Class for Cantonese Speaker
The main purpose of the course is to provide Mandarin language lesson in a Cantonese setting to enable efficient learning of the 'Ping -Yi' structure. We encourage anyone with Cantonese background to join the class.
The course will emphasize on Mandarin speaking and listening, and focuses on the practicality and proficiency of the language to enable the learner to become a confident Mandarin speaker. Registration of this new Mandarin Class for Cantonese Speaker will start in May and the new class will begin in September. For more information, please contact us on or enquire at the school :123 Flemington St. Springburn G21 4TD.
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